Top ABA Therapy in Orlando, Florida

At Step Forward ABA, we understand the unique journey of kids with autism in Orlando, FL, and we are here to be your dedicated partners in their growth. Our comprehensive ABA therapy services are tailored to meet the distinct needs of kids with ASD who need some extra support in reaching their goals. 

Whether it is school-based ABA therapy for struggling students or in-home behavior interventions, our Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBAs) curate and implement customized ABA therapy interventions for kids with autism that need some support in reaching their goals. 

We recognize that every child is an extraordinary -individual, and our goal is to help them shine brightly by providing them with the specialized support they deserve. Contact us today to learn more about ABA therapy for Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas. 

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Embracing Growth with ABA Therapy

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Through personalized interventions, our dedicated team empowers children with ASD to blossom, fostering progress, independence, and a world of possibilities. Our ABA therapy options in Orlando, FL include: 

  • Interventions Right at Home

We understand that familiar surroundings play a crucial role in effective therapy. Our compassionate and highly skilled behavior analysts work closely with your family in the comfort of your home in orlando. By customizing interventions to align with your child’s unique strengths and challenges, we create a safe haven where progress is nurtured, one step at a time.

  • Where Learning Flourishes

Our school-based ABA therapy in Orlando bridges the gap between the classroom and therapy. Collaborating closely with educators, our BCBAs provide tailored support that enhances academic and social skills. This personalized partnership ensures your child is thriving in an environment that nurtures growth and fosters a sense of belonging.

  • Empowering Families Through Parent Training

We believe in empowering families as key partners in the journey of ABA therapy. Our Parent Training sessions are designed to equip you with essential tools and strategies. With our guidance, you become an active participant in your kid with autism’s progress, cultivating skills that make a difference at home and beyond.

Get Started with ABA Therapy Today

Our behavior analysts are the heart and soul of our interventions. They are dedicated professionals with a deep understanding of the unique needs of kids with ASD. Their expertise lies in crafting personalized ABA therapy plans that target specific challenges while nurturing strengths. 

Through data-driven insights and evidence-based techniques, our behavior analysts guide your kid with autism toward meaningful milestones, fostering growth and development. Contact us today to chat with a BCBA about ABA therapy in Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas. 

Why Choose Us


Our staff of bilingual analysts and technicians uphold the highest standards of discretion and professionalism when providing ABA therapy and parent training services.


Not only is our team highly qualified, but full of compassionate and caring professionals that truly care about helping your child reach their full potential.


At Step Forward ABA we understand that every child is unique, which is why we get to know your child personally to develop a customized therapy plan.