Autism Spectrum Therapies in Illinois

Navigating the challenges of autism can be a journey filled with obstacles and triumphs for both children and their families. At times, children with autism may require additional support to excel academically, socially, and behaviorally. Thankfully, our autism therapy services in Illinois at Step Forward ABA offer a beacon of hope for families seeking personalized interventions to help their children thrive.

Among the array of autism spectrum therapies in Illinois, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) stands out as a cornerstone in providing effective and personalized spectrum therapy care in Illinois that surpasses the rest.

Unlike other approaches, ABA therapy is uniquely tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of each individual child with autism. With its evidence-based techniques and focus on behavior modification, ABA therapy has proven to be instrumental in empowering children to achieve their fullest potential. Contact us today to learn more about ABA autism therapy services in Illinois or beyond!

Personalized Spectrum Therapy Care in Illinois

ABA therapy, offered by our dedicated professionals at Step Forward ABA, emerges as the gold standard in autism spectrum therapies in Illinois. With a deep understanding of the complexities of autism, our team of therapists delivers personalized and comprehensive autism spectrum therapies in Illinois designed to address the unique challenges faced by each child.

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In-Home ABA Therapy

Through individualized treatment plans, our ABA therapists work closely with families to implement effective strategies that promote skill development and behavior management in everyday situations.

Woman that provides personalized ABA therapy from BCBAs/RBTs

In-School ABA Therapy

Our school-based spectrum therapy care in Illinois offers collaboration with educators and school staff to integrate evidence-based interventions into the classroom to facilitate success at school.

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ABA Parent Training

Equipping parents with essential knowledge and practical skills, these training sessions empower families to reinforce ABA techniques and promote consistency outside of formal autism therapy services in Illinois.

Woman that provides personalized ABA therapy from BCBAs/RBTs

Behavior Interventions

Using proactive and positive reinforcement strategies, our ABA therapists work collaboratively with families to identify triggers, develop coping mechanisms, and foster positive behavior change in children with autism.

Get Your Child Started With Autism Therapy Services in Illinois

At Step Forward ABA, we offer personalized spectrum therapy care in Illinois designed to meet the unique needs of your child with autism. Our team of dedicated ABA therapists are committed to providing comprehensive and effective autism spectrum therapies in Illinois, including in-home ABA therapy, school-based therapy, parent training, behavior interventions, and more!

Contact us today to take the first step towards empowering your child to thrive and succeed with our autism therapy services in Illinois or beyond!

Why Choose Us


Our staff of bilingual analysts and technicians uphold the highest standards of discretion and professionalism when providing ABA therapy and parent training services.


Not only is our team highly qualified, but full of compassionate and caring professionals that truly care about helping your child reach their full potential.


At Step Forward ABA, we understand that every child is unique, which is why we get to know your child personally to develop a customized therapy plan.


What Our Client Think About Us

Don’t want to take our word for it? That’s completely understandable. Trust what other parents say and learn about their experience with us.

Gabby Sober
Gabby Sober
I recently enrolled my child in Step Forward ABA and I am extremely impressed with their services. The team at Step Forward ABA has been exceptional in providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy for my child. The therapists are highly skilled and experienced in working with children. They have created a personalized ABA program for my child, which has helped them make significant progress in his communication, social skills, and behavior. The therapists are patient, compassionate, and knowledgeable, and they truly care about my child's well-being. The center itself is clean, well-equipped, and provides a safe and nurturing environment for my child. The staff is friendly, responsive, and professional, and they communicate regularly with me to provide updates on my child's progress. I have seen positive changes in my child since starting ABA therapy at Step Forward. They have become more independent, confident, and engaged in various activities. I appreciate the individualized approach and the focus on building skills that will benefit my child's long-term development. I highly recommend Step Forward ABA to any parent seeking ABA therapy for their child. The team's dedication, expertise, and commitment to helping children with special needs are truly commendable. Thank you, Step Forward ABA, for making a positive impact on my child's life! Keep up the excellent work!
Naromie St Ange
Naromie St Ange
Staff are well trained and professional. They really go above and beyond and do anything they can to help me and my family. I highly recommend and am so thankful to have been linked with step forward Aba
Deborah Riskin
Deborah Riskin
I am a parent. Step forward ana has excellent service. They really went out of their way to help me with insurance coverage & questions, they spoke to me about how ABA therapy works, and the dedicated case manager walked me through all the steps. They have really supported me along the way, with finding the right fit between services at the school and services at home. They provide quick replies to emails and calls, and excellent customer service. I am happy with the way everything is going. Plus I love the way everything is so organized and they are so considerate of their clients. Therapists and BCBAs are friendly, kind and very knowledgeable.
Jms r
Jms r
Best aba company!!
Aneta Brier
Aneta Brier
Great company and great respectful employees! Thanks for all you do At step foward aba
Katrin Priem
Katrin Priem
Highly recommend step forward aba, when it comes to ABA therapy! My child is so happy with her RBT and BCBA plus the staff in the office is extremely helpful and nice. I love how they have the RBT come into my home to provide services, works great with my busy schedule
Michael Bernstein
Michael Bernstein
Diah and his team are amazing. They have been working with my son in school and he's doing so much better. They communicate daily on how he did. They provide lots of tips and guidance. Always available to talk to them. Highly recommend them :)
David Gononsky
David Gononsky
We are very pleased to say that step forward is great! We started in October and the therapist comes to our home for our 3 year old and we saw such a significant difference in his language and behavioral skills so quickly. And now being a few months or so in, even more progress has been made! Our therapist comes 5 days a week. She and our BCBA are both amazing and so very helpful! We highly recommend this company to anyone who needs services for their child

It’s never too late for your child to live their best life–and at Step Forward ABA we’re here to help!

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