3 Tips for Teachers and Parents of Children with ASD

September 10, 2022
ABA Therapy expert in Miami Beach teaching a boy how to express

The start of the new school year is a busy time for any parent. With all the hustle and bustle of balancing family, school, and extracurricular activities, it can be a challenge to get on track when the new school year rolls around. 

As a parent of a child with ASD, the craziness of the new school year is multiplied. You not only have to think about all the typical obstacles of starting a new year, but you have to think about in-school therapy, behavioral intervention programs, and the challenges that come along with your child adapting to a new routine. 

It is exhausting to say the least!

But remember, that you are not in it alone. With the help of teachers and in-school therapy specialists you can create a successful behavior intervention program to keep your child on track. 

Tips to Improve ABA Therapy Effectiveness

ABA therapists in school help your child adapt to their surroundings more positively by meeting your child’s behavioral management needs and increasing available resources in the classroom. While school-based ABA therapists help to keep your child on track, there are some simple things that both parents and teachers can do to improve in-school therapy outcomes, such as:  

1. Structured Environment

All children need structure to thrive, and this is particularly true of children with ASD. While helping children adapt to new environments is a big part of in-school therapy, maintaining a structured classroom environment is something that teachers can do to maximize an Autustic child’s odds of success. The same goes for at home! 

2. Establish Goals

Parents, teachers, and ABA therapists in school can all work together to promote the overall goal of helping children reach their fullest potential. Keep in mind that goals are best established when there is good communication between all parties involved. 

3. Special Motivation

At home and in the classroom, special motivations and privileges can help to reward children with ASD. Some examples of special motivations for children with ASD are rewarding children with play time, special toys, yummy treats, and other motivations that promote play and self-expression. 

Professional In-School ABA Therapy

Offering skilled ABA therapy in-school, at Step Forward ABA, we work alongside parents and teachers to improve social behaviors and help children step forward into a brighter future. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about in-school therapy and other forms of ABA therapy in the Miami Metro Area and surrounding communities. 

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