Back to School: Tips to Help Kids With Autism Transition Smoothly

February 16, 2023
ABA Therapy expert in Miami Beach teaching a boy how to express

Just like all other children, children with Autism have mixed responses about going back to school. While some children with Autism love school and can not wait to get back, other children with ASD struggle with the transition of altering their routine to the in-school setting. 

No matter how your child with Autism feels about going back to school, there are some things that you can do as a parent to ensure a smooth and enjoyable transition! 

Whether your child with Autism is coming back to school after winter break, you are transitioning from home-school to public school, or you simply want to be prepared for the upcoming 2023 school year, check out these pro tips that will help to smooth the transition when your child goes back to school: 

  1. Meet & Greet– To prepare your child for the transition back to school you can set up a meet and greet where you and your child can familiarize yourselves with teachers, school staff, and the campus ahead of time.
  1. Talk About It– Keeping school fresh on your child’s mind will help them adjust more easily to the idea of going back to school and may even help reduce any anxiety they might have. 
  1. Make a Plan– When visiting your child’s school ahead of time, set up an emergency plan with them that includes what to do when they are feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated. 
  1. Volunteer– Volunteering in your child’s classroom may help to ease the transition from home to school settings. If you have the time to volunteer it may be beneficial for both you and your child. 

While there are many things that you can do to help your child with ASD transition back to school, we believe that in-school therapy, particularly in-school ABA therapy, is the best way you can ensure a smooth and successful year of learning, growth, and fun ahead! 

Looking online for ABA therapy near me OR best ABA therapy in New Mexico? Well look no further, because here we are!

At Step Forward ABA we help your child adjust when going back to school by offering in school therapy. Not only are our in-school therapy services designed to help your child cope socially and academically, but we support school staff and educators with ABA training so everyone in your child’s life is on-board and ready to help your child with ASD reach their personal, social, and academic goals. 

In addition to in-school ABA therapy in New Mexico we also offer in-home therapy options to support your child in the environment that they are most comfortable in. If you have been looking online for the best ABA therapy near me, you can be sure that you have found what you have been searching for in Step Forward ABA. Let’s work together to help your child with ASD reach his/her full potential with ABA therapy in New Mexico! Get in touch with us today to learn more about in-school therapy in New Mexico. 

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