How Long Will My Child Need ABA Therapy?

December 26, 2022
Supportive ABA Therapy expert working with little girl with ASD

If you are looking up terms online like “ABA therapy near me” then the chances are high that you are also looking up “how long will my child need ABA therapy”. It is a good question to ask. But unfortunately, it is also a grey area. 

While you may find that popular search engines recommend 2-3 years of ABA therapy for children with ASD, the reality is that ABA therapy looks different for every child, and therefore, the time needed in ABA therapy differs greatly in each case. 

There are many factors that determine the necessary length of your child’s ABA therapy, such as: 

  • Personalized Program- There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to ABA therapy. So when determining the length of your child’s therapy you must ensure that your child is receiving the personalized support they need, which contributes to the overall success of their ABA therapy program. 
  • Child’s Progression– Every child is unique and every child responds differently to ABA therapy. The extent of needed ABA therapy for your child depends greatly on your child’s progress toward identified goals
  • Implementation– It is one thing to have your child enrolled in ABA therapy and another to implement the principles of ABA in everyday life. If you and your family are on board with your child’s ABA and work to reinforce ABA principles at home, then the overall success of your child’s ABA therapy will be enhanced. 

While the length of ABA therapy depends on the previously stated factors, the success of ABA therapy for your child also depends on you hiring the right BCBA to facilitate ABA therapy. 

Finding the best services for ABA therapy in the Miami Metro area is not always an easy task. But if you are searching online for “best ABA therapy near me” then you can rest easy knowing that you found us! 

At Step Forward ABA we are passionate about providing your child with the best ABA therapy in the Miami Metro area and the surrounding communities. With a team of skilled Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) on our side, we deliver professional, compassionate, and functional ABA therapy that helps your child step into their full potential. No more frantic searches for “ABA therapy near me”–we are here to help! 

From in-home ABA therapy, parent training, behavioral intervention, in-school ABA therapy, and more, we are here to meet all your child’s needs and surpass your expectations with professional ABA therapy in the Miami Metro area and surrounding communities. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our extensive list of ABA therapy services for your child with ASD! 

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