How to Make ABA Progress in 2023

January 31, 2023
An autistic girl developing her play skills

The new year is a time to create new goals. It is a time to improve yourself and reach new heights that you never thought were possible–and the same goes for your child with ASD! 

Through ABA therapy, New Mexico children with Autism can get the training and support they need to thrive. Not only are the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) applicable as your child navigates their kinder years, but the skills learned through ABA therapy can guide your child throughout their entire life. 

Each milestone that your child achieves is evidence of their progress. While ABA centers and in-home ABA therapy providers can help your child reach their goals, the key to ABA success is found in consistency. Here are some things you can do as a parent to ensure your child’s progress with ABA therapy this 2023:

  • Consistency– ABA therapy is an integrative therapy method that does not stop when your child’s therapy session is over! If you want to promote ABA progress in 2023, then you need to reinforce ABA therapy principles with all people in all places to ensure program effectiveness. 
  • Positive Reinforcement– Chances are that your child with Autism responds well to positive reinforcement. You can use a simple reward system to encourage your child to pursue their ABA goals. Also remember that positive talk and compliments can go a long way.  
  • Professional Therapists– Your child deserves the best! That is why when finding the right in-home therapist or ABA center, you need to be sure that you are connecting with skilled Board Certified Behavior Analysts that utilize sound ABA techniques. 

When you create an ABA therapy plan for your child, you plan for success. Let us help you and your child reach your goals this 2023 with personalized ABA therapy in New Mexico! 

At Step Forward ABA we come alongside you as a trusted partner to help your child reach their full potential with ABA therapy in New Mexico. As the most reputable ABA center in the state, we provide a range of custom ABA therapy modalities to support your child at home and at school. From behavioral intervention, IEP plan development, social skill development, and more, we use multiple ABA methods to help your child step into their full potential. 

But we also realize that supporting you as a partner is crucial too, which is why our ABA center provides parent education to provide you with the skills, education, and resources required to help you as you support your child with Autism. We are all in this together! Contact us today to learn more about custom ABA therapy in New Mexico! 

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