How to Support Autistic Kids with Their Homework

January 31, 2023
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As the Holiday season comes to a close your child with Autism is ready to go back to school, which means, you are getting ready to help your child with their homework again. 

No one likes homework, not you, not your child, not anyone! But homework must be done, which is why we are sharing these tips to help you support your Autistic child with their homework: 

  • Motivating With Kindness– Children with ASD respond well to rewards, so as you are working your way through homework, make sure to keep positive and offer verbal compliments, as well as physical rewards, to reinforce good behavior.  
  • Reinforcing Values– The more you repeat something, the more it sticks. So make sure that you keep reinforcing the value that homework is important and must be done. Autistic children work well with rules and boundaries, so the more you reiterate the importance of homework, the less likely your child will give you a hard time with it. 
  • Create a Routine– As a parent of a child with ASD, you know that routine is everything! So why would homework be any different? Keep your child on a strict schedule that includes homework as a part of their daily routine. It will help your child stay focused, and works to alleviate the fight of getting your child to do their homework every day. 

If your child is struggling academically the best thing you can do is provide them support through ABA therapy. Not only does ABA therapy in the Miami Metro area include in-home and ABA clinic therapy, but reputable ABA therapy services also provide in-school ABA. 

With the goal of providing your child with all the support, they need to thrive at school, both socially and academically, this method of ABA therapy utilizes multiple modalities to ensure your child’s success in the classroom such as: IEP development, behavioral assessments, program/curriculum modifications, etc. 

At Step Forward ABA we provide the best ABA therapy in the Miami Metro Area. Using the most advanced scientific methods, our team of skilled Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) and Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBA) works with you and your child to craft personalized ABA therapy plans. 

With options including in-school, in-home therapy, and in-center therapy from our centrally located ABA clinic, we find the ideal combination of ABA therapy methods to help your child flourish. 

Come visit our ABA clinic in person, or chat with our team about in-home therapy solutions for your child. Your child deserves the best ABA therapy in the Miami Metro area–your child deserves Step Forward ABA! 

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