The ABCs of ABA Therapy

March 10, 2023
Mom supporting children with ASD

Children with Autism often struggle with maladaptive behaviors that can be disruptive or inappropriate. If these behaviors are not addressed early on they can cause long term issues for individuals with ASD, affecting their daily lives. 

However, through applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy these behaviors can be addressed. Luckily, like most things in life, behavior follows some basic scientific rules, which means that following the ABCs of ABA can have tremendous results on reducing maladaptive behaviors. 

The framework of ABA therapy can be broken down into three distinctive parts that define a behavioral event. These three parts, which are often referred to as the ABCs of ABA therapy, are used in the development of BIP plans. 

A (Antecedent) 

An antecedent is a trigger that occurs right before the behavior of interest does. Defined as something that provokes the maladaptive behavior, antecedents can be managed by building stimulus control through ABA therapy. 

B (Behavior)

Behavior is described as anything that someone does, either desirable or undesirable. In ABA therapy a behavioral analyst will define behavior as something that is measurable or observable, which is key to data collection. These target behaviors can be worked on through personalized ABA therapy plans that are meant to reduce these maladaptive behaviors. 

C (Consequence)

A consequence should occur immediately after a behavior is demonstrated. Consequences can either come in the form of punishment or positive reinforcement, depending on the specific goal.

Understanding the ABCs of ABA therapy is essential for all parents of children with ASD. Why? The ABCs of ABA therapy are used to understand the context of behavior, otherwise known as the events that trigger certain behaviors in your child with ASD. 

Not only does this make you more aware of how your child is feeling, thinking, and reacting in a certain situation, but the ABCs of ABA therapy are used to develop an effective intervention plan that you as a parent can reinforce at home, or in any other setting outside of the ABA center. 

These ABCs can also help you better understand your child’s progress when your child’s behavior analyst is communicating results with you. 

As the saying goes, knowledge is power! 

Are you ready to give ABA therapy a try? 

At Step Forward ABA we proudly offer ABA thearpy in Florida. With options in-home ABA, center based therapy, in-school ABA, and more, our Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) work with your child in all settings to reduce disruptive behaviors.

From increasing independence at home, ensuring success in school with BIPs, encouraging social interaction through ABA center therapy, and more, we provide your child with all the support that he/she needs to thrive socially, academically, and personally. 

Contact us today to chat with our team of skilled behavior analysts about personalized ABA therapy solutions for your child. 

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