Top Calming Methods for Kids with ASD

November 20, 2022
Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs)helping child with ASD

Maintaining peace and tranquillity in your household can be a challenge. Life is busy–we get it! But creating a calming and tranquil environment for your little one with Autism Spectrum Disorder is of the utmost importance. 

Most children with ASD need tranquillity and routine to maintain an appropriate temperament. The mere chaos of everyday life can throw your child into a fit, which can be difficult to reserve once the meltdown has begun. 

Although we fully believe that in-home therapy is the best course of action to help your child manage their disruptive outbursts, there are some things that you can do on your own to calm your child and mitigate the intensity of emotional outbursts, such as: 

  • Talk to Your Child About Their Emotions– We all need to talk about our feelings–it is human nature! Working alongside an ABA therapist can help you connect with your child and learn the best practices when talking to your child about their emotions. Click here to learn more about in-home ABA therapy in the Miami Metro area. 
  • Implement Breathing Techniques- Studies show that breathing is essential to relaxation. Deep breathing exercises can help your child regulate their emotions and reverse tantrums. 
  • Create a Safe Space– ABA therapists recognize the importance of creating a safe space for children with ASD. When your child is starting to melt down they can retreat to their safe space and enjoy soothing comforts that restore peace, tranquillity, and sensory balance. 

Looking for other ways to help your child cope with the chaos of life? In-home therapy can help you and your child find the best coping techniques for learning how to manage emotional outbursts. 

At Step Forward ABA we help your child step into their potential through in-home ABA therapy in the Miami Metro area. Understanding that your child’s needs are unique, our Board Certified ABA therapist labor tirelessly to create in-home therapy plans that are tailored to your child’s unique needs. 

Our ABA therapists are also here to support you as a parent of a child with ASD. By helping you discover more useful methods to deal with disruptive behavior, we give you the tools and techniques needed to ensure a safe environment for your child and a calmer environment for you and your family. 

Support for you and your child is closer than you think! Get in touch with us today to learn more about home ABA therapy in the Miami Metro area and surrounding communities. 

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