When is the Best Time to Start ABA Therapy

September 20, 2022
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Have you ever thought, ”when is the right time to hire an ABA therapist near me?” Well, the answer to that question may be simpler than you think: As soon as possible.  

Is there a perfect age for your child to start ABA Therapy? While professionals may argue about the exact time to get your child enrolled in ABA Therapy, we believe that anytime is the right time to invest in your child’s future.  

Contrary to some professional opinions, you do not have to wait until your child is 3 years old to begin ABA Therapy.

Here is a brief inside look into how ABA Therapy can benefit your child at nearly any age, even as young as 2 years old. 

  • Brain Development

Your child’s early experiences play a big role in how their brain develops. So when the question of starting your child out on ABA Therapy arises, the earlier the better. Starting your child off early can prepare them for preschool and help them develop better communication skills.

  • Adaptability 

Evidence suggests that starting ABA Therapy before 5 years old can lead to the development of significant adaptive and cognitive skills that enable your child to relate more positively to their peers and environment. 

  • Social Skills 

Children with Autism do not always understand social cues, that is why children of any age can benefit from ABA Therapy in the Miami Metro Area. Not only does ABA Therapy aim to provide your child with social skills, but personal skills to enhance independence. The personal skills may include dressing, feeding, self care, and more! 

Why Step Forward ABA?

At Step Forward ABA, we help children of all ages and on any end of the spectrum claim their independence and step into their own with ABA Therapy. Developing personalized behavior intervention programs (BIPs), our Board Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) work with your child to replace interfering behaviors through positive reinforcement. 

But we do not stop there! We are proud to offer parent education programs to support you and your child on the journey to a happier and more independent life. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about ABA therapy in the Miami Metro Area and the surrounding communities! 

If you are looking for a sign that it is time to start your child on ABA therapy, then this is it! No more long internet searches on ABA therapists near me– at Step Forward ABA we have what you are looking for! 


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