Tailored ABA Therapy in Fort Lauderdale, FL

For parents of children with autism in Fort Lauderdale, the journey might feel challenging at times, but hope shines brightly through the power of ABA therapy.

At Step Forward ABA, we understand the deep-rooted desire you have for your child’s growth and development. ABA therapy is not just a treatment; it is a beacon of hope that illuminates the path towards unlocking your child’s true potential. 


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With personalized interventions, compassionate experts, and evidence-based strategies, we stand beside you, nurturing progress and fostering a future filled with possibilities for your child. In Fort Lauderdale, ABA therapy is more than just a service – it is a source of optimism, growth, and empowerment that transforms challenges into triumphs. Contact us today to connect with a behavior analyst about ABA therapy interventions for your kid with autism. 

Targeting Behaviors with ABA Therapy 

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Behaviors such as communication difficulties, social interaction challenges, and sensory sensitivities can impede a kid with autism’s growth. ABA therapy strategically targets these behaviors, offering tailored interventions to promote progress and development in kids with ASD. 

BCBAs utilize evidence-based approaches to create personalized behavior intervention plans. Positive reinforcement, a cornerstone of ABA therapy, is employed to strengthen desired behaviors while gently reducing challenging ones. By introducing consistent rewards and focusing on incremental progress, our behavior analyst in Fort Lauderdale guide your kid with autism toward meaningful improvements in their behavior, communication, and daily interactions. Here are some of the specific behaviors that can be addressed through ABA therapy: 

  • Tantrums and meltdowns
  • Self-injurious behaviors
  • Non-compliance
  • Aggression
  • Stereotypic behaviors
  • Social withdrawal

Through skillful analysis, data-driven insights, and compassionate guidance, BCBAs harness the power of ABA therapy to empower children with ASD. By directly targeting behaviors and fostering positive changes, our goal is to help each kid with ASD overcome challenges, cultivate strengths, and reach their full potential. 

Tailored Interventions with Certified Behavior Analysts

When you choose Step Forward ABA for your kid with autism, you are choosing a team that is committed to turning challenges into triumphs, one breakthrough at a time. We understand that every child’s journey is exceptional and unique, which is why we curate and implement tailored interventions that help your child reach his/her goals. Some of the different types of ABA therapy interventions we offer Fort Lauderdale include: 

  • In-Home ABA Therapy 
  • School-Based ABA Therapy 
  • Parent Training 
  • Center-Based ABA Therapy 
  • Behavior Interventions 


These interventions are carefully designed to ensure that every kid with ASD is supported in the unique way they need. Contact us today to chat with a behaviour analyst about an initial ABA therapy assessment for your kid with autism! 

Why Choose Us


Our staff of bilingual analysts and technicians uphold the highest standards of discretion and professionalism when providing ABA therapy and parent training services.


Not only is our team highly qualified, but full of compassionate and caring professionals that truly care about helping your child reach their full potential.


At Step Forward ABA we understand that every child is unique, which is why we get to know your child personally to develop a customized therapy plan.